I guess this serves as fair warning.

One of the reasons that I wanted to do this blog, even anonymously (although if you attend Mars Hill Church, it’s no mystery) is that I wanted to be a bridge and an explanation.  There are so many vitriolic stands that Christians take between gays and straights, an us vs. them approach, that I feel is unbiblical and even ungodly.  If we are truly to be in tune with this culture (ARMENIAN TRANSLATION: “to be in this world, but not part of it”) then we need to see people not as enemy combatants, but as people we have yet to win to Christ.  To do so takes a strong position on the souls of those who would persecute us and who would add to the degredation of our society (as though gays were the sole purveyors of depravity) and at the same time sees people with loving eyes, as Christ would: long on grace and mercy, short on sin.

So at some point, you’re going to notice that posts are going to be less afraid of offending and at times…even a bit explicit.  Yes, sex will be mentioned, including elements of gay sex.

The point is not to tittilate.  If that’s what you find happening, then you need to leave this blog.  (You also need to write and let me know what’s happening and I will take steps to couch those terms even more carefully.)  I desire to cause no one to stumble.  At the same time, I am tired of the us vs. them mentality and part of it is this insane desire that happens with some gay people to not “offend” the straights, we sterilize everything to the nth degree.  I think part of that is wanting to fit in with the straight crowd and be comfortable in that arena so much so that we negate the part of us that struggles with the past while trying to map out what the road ahead might look like in straight territory.

All that as caveat.  Sex ahead.


~ by WriterRand on January 18, 2006.

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