Here’s a Thought

If you're attempting to recover your broken sexuality and to find your sense of masculinity along the way…can you successfully do this without a member of the opposite sex in your life?

Everything I read and a majority of my friends who have been successful at this change are all either married or in the process of becoming same.

Comments?  Questions?  Discussion?


~ by WriterRand on May 15, 2006.

3 Responses to “Here’s a Thought”

  1. it is easier with a member of the opposite sex in the sense that you are constantly confronted with the ‘other’ that you may not understand or may fear/desire simultaneously. But for me, healthy relationships with members of the same gender have brought the most healing over time. To be loved and accepted – to be received, without being desired by other women has been a tremendous force in my life.

    btw – work has been hell and I do still think of/pray for/and miss you.


  2. dude, you are gay, you cant, and shouldnt, deny it.

  3. Dude, you’re like, so wrong. I’m not gay. I’m not straight. I’m somewhere in the middle. Becoming something I’ve never known takes time. But I trust God to get me there and He has been and continues to be faithful with the change.

    I sure would like to believe that I was born this way. It would make it easier to accept, I’m certain. I do believe that wounding happens so early to young boys that we call it a genetic condition simply because we were too young and too unknowing to call it anything else.

    Jesus has been the Father and male role model to me that I have longed for. I find my highest joy and satisfaction knowing that I’m on a road that will lead to real fulfillment and a restored sense of masculinity. Don’t hate me for the journey, man.

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