A Thought about the Politics Associated with SSA

Politically, I define myself as a progressive.  I used to have a wide number of conservative beliefs, but, well, the proof seems to be in the pudding.  Historically, Republicans have done a miserable job of governing and Junior isn't doing much better.

But the funny thing is that my fellow progressives are a really mixed bunch of leftist-leaning, nuts-n-granola type theologians that it becomes an interesting chore in futility to explain to people that yes, you have some very progressive political views, but it is all secondary to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

No, let me itaglio that on your brain one more time: your political beliefs and your political work are secondary to the lordship and work of Jesus Christ.

So when I hear: "But if you're gay, that's the way that the Lord made you.  You shouldn't try for heterosexuality, but you should celebrate what you truly are!" I generally come back with, "But I am on a journey toward something I have never known: wholeness.  God seeks not to change the external symptom, but the inner cause.  To deny that work, that desire of Jesus Christ in my life, that would be sin."

It's strange to hang out with Christians who have such wide and varied thoughts on sin, but strive for external justice.  Yes, we are to work for justice, to feed the poor and aide and comfort the sick and dying.  That is pretty much the mantra for Christians on the Left.  But it is not our strength, our goodness, our work that produces fruit.  When we believe so much in the process and in the battle for goodness and justice in government, and an end to the rampant corruption, we do so with the confidence of Jesus giving us the power, clearing the way, and defeating the enemy before we were even born.  All the work we do to see a change in the governance of this country means nothing.

Sin.  Jesus.  Lord.  Three words the Left isn't fond of, but are critical if we claim Christ and work to administer His love and healing to the rest of the world.

 Coming up:  some refutations of anti ex-gay ministries statements.

~ by WriterRand on May 21, 2006.

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