Ex-Ex Gay Organizations Battle Those Who Honestly Deal

Washington Blade Online reports on a group called Truth Wins Out, a group of ex-ex-gays that are a direct response to Focus on the Family's Love Wins Out organization.

I don't know that much about Dobson's ministry, but much of what I have seen him speak to has been fairly right on.  I don't like the man's politics or tactics, and I think he causes a great deal of harm sometimes, but I give him the same sort of grace that I live under on a daily basis.  This organization, however, seems more a response against Dobson than it does FOR gay men or women to lead happier lives.

Included here for your reference, to see how strong the battle is for the souls of men who deal with same sex attractions.

Your prayers are asked for, today, both for the men and women who may believe the lies of this organization and for those spreading them.  I know there is such a desire to find acceptance and pride in that life, and I understand the siege mentality that many gays are under.  It's easier to hold onto your identity as a gay person when you're forced to defend yourself 24-7.

Enough is enough.


~ by WriterRand on June 17, 2006.

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