DISCUSSION THREAD: Worst Enemies of the Cause?

It seems sometimes that as a Christian who struggles with — and trusts in God for His victory — that we’re hated on both sides, by Christians AND gays.  Christians think that because we don’t spend all our time condemning homosexuality that we’re “soft on sin,” and gays think we’re just deluding ourselves and that we’re truly gay if we’d just get serious.

Who gives you the worst time, gays or Christians?  Families or strangers?  How do they do that?  Why do you think they do that?


~ by WriterRand on August 1, 2006.

One Response to “DISCUSSION THREAD: Worst Enemies of the Cause?”

  1. I would venture to guess that what is perceived as soft on sin is really probably mercy and many people, Christians included, don’t have much room for mercy with this particular sin. For the person who has come out of this lifestyle, I would imagine they’d have a bit more compassion and mercy for people struggling with these issues.

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