“Battle for Purity”

So God accomplishes a miracle in my household and my aide not only is able to show up an hour early, but we get me fully ready on time and I take the power wheelchair down to the church for this seminar on maintaining sexual purity.  This is to be a seminar on fighting sexual addictions, pornography, and all of the other lustful sins that keep the men of God at Mars Hill from being as powerful as they could be.

As I’m driving myself down there — and I have an entire hour to do this since I live 2 miles away from church — I’m wondering how many people are going to take this seriously.  The people who organized this thing put it in the Paradox, which is oiur smaller room that we use for Sunday morning overflow and for our all-ages music venue.  Maybe 300 seats?  Will the men of Mars Hill take this seriously at all?

When I arrived, I didn’t see a lot of guys there.  Some of them hanging out in the front lobby, some of them inside getting coffee.  So I went to the back of the room and set up in the power chair.  (Mental note: must find way to recharge chair while hanging out at these events.)  The room kept filling up slowly, but steadily.  Pretty soon, we were hanging them from the rafters.  Even to a half an hour later, men were still filing into the room.

The material was good, albeit somewhat disorganized.  One of the things that struck me so hard is that these men also suffered from sexual addiction.  We weren’t going to be lectured by men who had no idea what it was to live with that sin, that temptation.  We were dealing with men who had struggled with breaking the secrets, dealing with the shame and the guilt, and who had come to the point where they felt they had information and experiences to share that could strengthen the young men at Mars Hill.

I’d deal with all the information that was covered at the seminar, but there are other writers who are better at disseminating that material.  One of the things that surprised me somewhat is why this stuff is so hard to overcome.  When you repeat an action enough times, especially an event that has some measured level of intensity to it, the action eventually becomes a habit.  Once the habit happens long enough, the brain’s activity alters to adapt to this new action.  That means that your sexual activity — be it illicit affairs, pornography, whatever — causes a physical change in your brain.  Worse: it takes up to five years for those neuropathways to change again and for that stored habit to be permanently altered.  That alone caused me to come up short and really consider things from a long-term perspective.

I confess I was still somewhat unsure of the event.  Would these guys who were here take this stuff seriously?  Well, towards the end, they took some questions and answers and it just broke my heart.  The guys at Mars Hill are dealing — I mean DEALING — with some serious, tough, heart-rending stuff.  If anything, those questions convinced me that we not only needed this event, but that we need to make it a regular, routine thing.  In fact, afterwards, I felt myself disappointed that there weren’t more men there, especially married ones.  (If anything, it also proved that married men are not immune to sexual addiction issues.  If anything, it showed that there is an urgency there to keep things under control.)

Nice job, Mars Hill. 

~ by WriterRand on August 9, 2006.

One Response to ““Battle for Purity””

  1. I believe this is quite common in christian males and it needs to be address on consistent basis throughout the church.

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