Beaten to “Scare Him Straight”

The minor’s mother says she doesn’t believe it was a hate crime. “We’ve got gay people in the family,” she said.

The victim’s family says they’ve received numerous threats since the beating.


According to a blog named “Ex-Gay Watch,” guys like me have blood on their hands because we somehow make this despicable violence okay.  I read the story, then I read this website, and I wonder just how people can experience this high a degree of cognitive dissonance.


~ by WriterRand on August 12, 2006.

3 Responses to “Beaten to “Scare Him Straight””

  1. You said:

    “According to a blog named ‘Ex-Gay Watch,’ ”

    Not true.

    Different writers at XGW have different opinions. The author of Beat Him Straight was not targeting persons who merely believe they have a personal right to be exgay. He was voicing his own personal opinion about the efforts of antigay activists — not exgays per se — to promote prejudice, discrimination, and demonization against gay persons.

    The author said those antigay political activities fuel misunderstanding, resentment, and hatred.

    I will charitably assume for the moment that you do not support prejudice and discrimination, but that you merely believe that people have a right to be exgay. Given that assumption, the author of that XGW article was not even talking about you. And he frequently defends that right to be exgay.

    It is valid and reasonable to distinguish between between healthy exgay self-restraint, and selfish and sadistic antigay politics. And it remains XGW policy, as you should know, to favor freedom of speech and expression for all — not just for one favored culture-war faction or another.

  2. I guess where the problem I’m having with this stems with the definition of the word “hate.” The rage and fury in the article in question is overwhelming and I’m not going to sit here and do a nitpick beatdown of someone’s opinion. I’ve been beaten. I’ve had a friend where I worked whose skull was shattered and had to be held together with a bicycle helmet. He was slightly mentally retarded and had a funny gait, too, so that basically just painted a big target on his scrawny frame for some drunken Neanderthal to come tag his ass. And tag him they did. And die he did.

    It grieves me still. To read those articles fills me with an anger, too. But when I read stuff like the conclusion of the article:

    “When you falsely characterize someone as the enemy of society, you are morally responsibly when society beats them half to death. The political ex-gay ministries need to take an objective look to see if they have blood on their hands.”

    It grieves me even more because it does nothing but paint a vicious, violent, and completely inaccurate view of God. The one who sent his Son to heal the pain so deep down I’d forgotten it was there. It paints the sane, healthy, vibrant church that took me in and loved me silly (and loves me that way even still) and the God we serve with our hearts AND our minds and our strength with a bloody brush that’s not justified. It sends a signal to everyone that comes to your blog looking to have their preconceptions justified that God hates them for being gay and that they are bad, wrong, don’t deserve to live and should be put to death.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing.

    Dobson and his rah-rah marriage thing came to town and his people contacted all the big churches in town. We said no. We caught considerable heat for refusing to either go to or promote that event in our church, but the reason our conservative, Calvinist reformed preacher gave is that we love our city and didn’t feel it would be a loving thing to do for the gay and lesbian community of Seattle. He’d say the same thing today in probably much stronger language.

    So i guess my blub to which this is attached was written in anger and hurt to see another gay man rage at the violence against his community done, it seems, in the name of Christ. But I tell you, with everything in me, that their actions are a lie, that to accuse ex-gay ministries — even those that are caught in a politcal pas de deux with Dobson — to be vicious and violent and to have blood on their hands for offering a way to a different life for gay men and women who want to see changes in their lives merely repeats the violence done to you and this person in the article, and elevates it a notch.

    I honestly wanna just lay down arms, understand the hurt behind those words, and talk about Jesus and what He really thinks about gay people. If that’s not a possibility, or even something you can handle now, I understand.

    But I’m laying down my verbal hammer and extending, at least, a warm welcome here.

  3. I feel so horribly sorry for the victim in this article. No one should ever be beaten for anything, but especially not for something such as this. Homosexuals need to be treated with respect, love, and care. If you truly want to convert them, that’s the only way. Mistreat them with name calling, beatings, discrimination, cruelty, etc., and you’ll never reach them.

    I just can’t understand the hate that people feel and have towards homosexuals. I myself use to consider myself as one, so I know a little about what I’m talking about. People do hate, and the problem here is that hate never reaches anyone. Furthermore, homosexual sins are no worse than any other sins. Sin is sin in the eyes of the Lord, and it’s all bad. So, why do we treat homosexuals as if they are the scum of the earth? I think this comes from a lack of understanding. I think most people just believe homosexuals are all perverted, Godless, imoral sinners completely bound for Hell. They think this is a choice. Well, quite the contrary. I for one never chose to be attracted to other men. I just was. And even so, I did still believe in God. I wasn’t into all sorts of freaky stuff, and I don’t really believe I’ve ever been all that imoral. I’ve pretty much always held to Christian faith and values in my life. Problem was, I am a sinner. I am human. I, just like everybody else, can be tempted by sin. Satan chose to tempt me with homosexuality. As for the bound for hell idea, who are we to decide another person’s fate. If you believe in the word, you’ll know that all who hold to sin and refuse to repent and follow Christ are bound for hell. Thing is, there is a way to Heaven for ALL people who sin. That way is through repentance and faith in Christ. I think these are all points which most people miss out on. They just don’t understand, and so they are afraid. Out of fear for the unknown, they act out violently and aggressively. They hate.

    I just wish people could live more by Christ’s example. It really saddens me when people hurt others in ways such as this (what was told in the article). I feel sorry for all parties involved. The victim, for what he had to endure, and the ones who beat him for obviously being so lost in their understanding of how to treat people with this problem.

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