DISCUSSION THREAD: Where Churches Will Be Sued by Gays

I grow tired of the argument that homosexual men and women need protections under hate laws.  Generally, it comes from people who have other issues against gay men and women and this is just another “advancement of the homosexual agenda.”  The argument I hear a lot is, “Next thing you know, churches will be forced to hire homosexuals in their bookstores and cafeterias!”  Uh-huh.  And the reason we’d want to NOT hire a homosexual who wants to be employed by a church that preaches the gospel and that homosexual behavior is a sin is….?  What?  There’s an enormous difference between promoting a homosexual’s lifestyle and promoting their life! 


I do believe that we’re not long off from gay men and women deciding to sue churches who sponsor or host orientation repairative therapy services.  “Buh-buh-but they told me I would change and become straight and I still like men!”  In the minds of those people who suckle at the glass teat, a church’s genuine, psychologically and scripturally intensive therapy gets lumped in with all those bent and twisted yahoos who practice “hug” therapy and screaming and beating at pillows whilst getting out one’s aggressive feelings towards their mothers.  And while I think the latter, unlicensed and unregulated whackjobs are genuinely causing harm, I’d be willing to bet that soon there are going to be some seriously unsatisfied customers looking for instant spiritual gratification who are going to feel wrong, owed, and damaged and that lawsuits won’t be a far off in the making.

We are so blind.  All the more reason we need Him.


~ by WriterRand on August 22, 2006.

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