Gays Must Change, Says Archbishop

The headline is meant to provoke a reaction, but the article is not as controversial as some would like to believe.

I wish I could believe that this was due to a genuine change of heart.  Perhaps it is.  God knows, we don’t.  I’m just afraid that some of this may be a political move on his part, in obedience to his higher-ups instead of the Higher Up.

Still, to see a man champion same-sex love and then do a complete about-face in a compassionate, loving, Christ-like manner, is deeply encouraging no matter what the motivating factor.  (Favorite phrase:  “welcoming, but not inclusive.”  I like that.)



~ by WriterRand on August 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “Gays Must Change, Says Archbishop”

  1. I am sorry that people can’t just be accepted for who they are.

  2. We’re learning. I see good signs and I think there re possibilites for real change in how homosexuals are treated by Christians. There are enough of us in churches now who feel free to come forward and educate others on how to be treated.

    I’m grateful…really and truly…that I serve a God who loves me enough to never leave me as I am. I pray that you will find a true and right view of a true and righteous and loving God who loves you and accepts you for who you are…and will invite you to grow with Him.

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