Questions? Misleading Things You’ve Wondered About? Can You Help Someone Else?

I’m working on a series of posts that will take some “fact sheets” from various anti-ex-gay and ex-gay ministries and attempt to clear up some confusing issues for people.  (A LOT of my issues have to do with the word “choice,” for instance.)  Do you have any websites to suggest?  I’ve found one, but it’s going to take some time unpacking their comments.

If you’ve come out of homosexuality (or are on the road to it’s exit), what were some of the questions that you had you found answers to through your journey?  Are you considering finding a way out of your same sex attractions that doesn’t rely on labels or presuppositions?  Feel free to ask questions and ask for people’s personal experiences.  I’ll include those in another post.  You can email me at formerlygay at gmail dot com.  Please make sure to include a sentence giving me permission to use your stories and questions on an anonymous basis, or include a statement giving permission to give enough details for people to contact you if they’d like to discuss your situation further.

Maybe we can do this with God’s help.

Maybe we can use the internet to at least build some common understanding instead of both sides reveling in ignorance and letting their personal prejudices and politics get in the way of what Jesus desires for us most.

What say?  Lemme know.


~ by WriterRand on December 21, 2006.

One Response to “Questions? Misleading Things You’ve Wondered About? Can You Help Someone Else?”

  1. Thanks for doing this, R.

    I really appreciate your desire to assist brothers and sisters that share this particular road to holiness. May God continue to bless you with faith, that you may serve Him joyfully all the days of your life.

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