Andy Comiskey of Desert Stream on Haggard

I still haven’t codified my feelings towards the Haggard situation. How do you speak into something like that to provide some sort of healing perspective and not make the situation any worse? My own feelings are still far too angry at giving those who mock ex-gay ministries additional fuel for the fire. Andy Comiskey, who out of his own experiences and God’s help created Desert Stream Ministries, writes the following:

(Update: the old link that went straight to the PDF file is outdated. Go to
and click under “Articles/Newsletters” to find the article “Telling the Haggard Truth.” Then, while you’re there, read everything else.)

I read this and agree with everything wholeheartedly. It’s one thing to push recovery as though stumbles and falls are proof of failure; another entirely to see those failures as sad inevitabilities of not maintaining the strict biblical principles of both accountability and healing. My respect for this guy just grows daily.


~ by WriterRand on January 24, 2007.

13 Responses to “Andy Comiskey of Desert Stream on Haggard”

  1. Comisky is so right. Loving Christian fellowship and accountability are so important in maintaining obedience to God. Even more essential is the pure joy of a living relationship with God that is based on what Jesus did on the cross, not based on my success!

  2. Part of that loving Christian fellowship is to gladly devote the time and effort that someone like Haggard needs after falling. We should care for our wounded.

    Gays have helped their own wounded in this scandal. My former high school classmate Joe Jervis is now a well known gay blogger. Jervis organized an effort to help Mike Jones, the prostitute who broke the story, and quite a bit of money flowed in Jones direction.

  3. How do we care for our own wounded with this particular sin when Christians still treat homosexuality as the “ultimate” sin?

    (Accusing homosexuals of wanting to ruin marriage when Christian couples are the ones that have the highest rate of divorce in this country?)

    How do we do this? How do we start to convince churches to embrace the homosexual but not the homosexual sin?

  4. It is definitely clear that we must convince churches to embrace the sinner but not the sin. In my church the pastors teach that homosexuality is no worse than any other sexual sin, simply because we believe that is the way the Bible presents it. As a result, many with SSA find the fellowship in our church that we need in our battle against our sin.

    I would suggest that we should gently seek to persuade pastors to preach that way, based on logical arguments from the Bible. If the pastor won’t teach it, we should be vocal about it. Also, we with SSA should set the example by reaching out to heterosexuals in Christian fellowship, PRAYING and trusting God to help us. Remember, we can’t accomplish this change without God’s help!

  5. I believe we are living in days when ‘the love of many will grow cold’. Not only love for God but also love for His people…including sinners and fallen saints! In fact Galatians 6:1 is very explicit about the danger of falling into sin as we “TRY to HELP” our brothers and sisters!! We need God to help us understand that He is more concerned about saving us than condemning us!! Jesus Christ is the Saviour and NOT the Condemner. Love covers over a multitude of sins. I think talking against sin is very NEEDED in our days just as it was in Adam’s, Noah’s, Abraham’s, David’s……..and Jesus’ days. However, sin should be talked against so much to the effect that the sinner gets saved. This is why Jesus endured the cross…for joy set before Him…I believe the joy was to see sinners SAVED but NOT Condemned!! Let’s awake and practice the ‘brother’s keeper’s heart’ and not the ‘brother’s killer’s spirit’

  6. I think it is significant that (before he fell) Ted was taking groups into “bad” parts of town and praying against the demonic forces that were centerred there.
    I don’t know that there is a scriptural precendent for what Ted was doing, but it seems the devil was really gunning for him. Just something to keep in mind for the day when Ted repents and is restored. A successful ministry might well have been why Ted had a target on his back.

  7. MO: Now that is something I’d not heard before. Thank you for sharing that.

    Did he have a target on his back? I don’t know. Probably, but the fact of the matter is that secret sin he’d hoped to get away with was exposed in the process. Is that a work of those dark forces? Or is that God wanting the truth to be exposed?

    I still pray for Ted’s full restoration.

  8. The Desert Stream Ministry that Jesus has put forth through Andy Comiskey IS life changing for those who truely want a “way out” No one has to stay where they are at! Andy helps homosexuals realize that the road that has led them into the “gay” city also leaves it! INTO the way EVERLASTING! ELOHIM! Kingdom of God. A former homosexual myself, but NOW forever transformed by the POWER of The Holy Spirit at The Cross by Jesus Christ into THE TRUTH. Amen! Thank you, Heavenly Father.
    Jeff Manor / Phoenix, AZ. USA

  9. The above comment has nothing to do with the Haggard situation! Sorry guys!

  10. I wish I could say I believed in this ex-gay minstry. But I whole heartedly wanted change for 12 years, did personal Christian Counselling, I did Living Waters, wholes heartedly sought Him with everything I knew.. And although I received much healing in other areas of my life, my sexual orientation did not budge. I think if it was something that truly greived the Father, He surely would have made some change, or some inclination that change was possible or underway. I still love Jesus, but I also know now that I am honest about this, that I can look at myself in the mirror at the end of the day and know that I am being honest with myself, my loved ones, and God.

    • Have you consider the scripture that tells us that we need to deny ourselves daily and take up our cross and follow Him. The Christian life is not easy and He has asked that we deny those ‘feelings’ within us that are against what He teaches to be right. We all are in the same boat with you… yes, it may be a different sin but we still need to deny ourselves each and every day to become what He has called us to be..always working to become Holy (yes, that will happen when we reach Heaven)

  11. The above comment is not about Haggard either.. LOL… but I guess these topics bring up personal things!

  12. My wifes sister is married to another woman overseas in the question is:How can I help my wife sheavy heart about her sisters lesbian relationship?
    recently we sent our daughter to visit all her aunties and uncles and this auntie in the homosexual lifestyle informed our daughter that my wife broke up her relation ship years ago with the now lesbian partner for a year,they then reunited after my wife(her sister) left the country.
    my wifes sister still blames her for the breakup with her lesbian partner(30 years ago).
    prior to the lesbian relationship she was very much in love with her boyfriend who then died in a house fire,a year later her father died,then a year later her caregiver older sister(my wife) immigrated out of the country.
    my wife would like to address these long held grudges from her sister but feels the impasse.
    any suggestions?

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