“Desexualizing the Deeper Need”

Here’s a great article from the Exodus International website library.  It’s not as in-depth as I’d prefer, but it outlines how to disconnect the sexual drive from the deeper soul-need.


There are other things that help, but this is a good start.


~ by WriterRand on February 2, 2007.

2 Responses to ““Desexualizing the Deeper Need””

  1. One thing that stands out in this article is that there is a deep need we have for someone to love and care for us. THE ONE who can meet the need is God Himself. When we sexualize this need we are worshipping an idol of sex instead of God.

    A deeper relationship with Jesus goes a long way in dealing with the underlying problem.

  2. I would really like to hear some day from someone who has gotten through and past this gay stuff and come into a heterosexual orientation WITHOUT Jesus. Does such a person even exist? Why take on the journey if not with Him? Isn’t it safer to just say you were born this way instead of become straight?

    I don’t think you can really change orientation without a relationship with God, knowing His original plan for you and His desire to see the deepest, most broken parts of you healed and restored. It wasn’t until I became a Christian and saw that I really didn’t want to be with men…I wanted to become one…that I understood His plan for me in all of this. I don’t honestly think I would have cared to change without Him. I just would have been right in the middle of everything I wanted and frustrated that I still hungered for more.

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