Haggard: More Revealed in the “Day of Hope”


Have we heard the last of this even now?

“Concerning Ted and his family, we have done extensive fact-finding into his lifelong battle with a ‘dark side’ which he said in his confession letter has been a struggle for years,” Pastor Larry Stockstill, part of the church’s board of overseers, told the 14,000-member congregation Sunday.

“We have verified the reality of that struggle through numerous individuals who reported to us firsthand knowledge of everything from sordid conversation to overt suggestions to improper activities to improper relationships. These findings established a pattern of behavior that culminated in the final relationship in which Ted was, as a matter of grace, caught,” he said.

I keep wondering what I would do and where I would go if my former sins were displayed for the world to see.  That’s the thing that keeps me praying for grace and mercy for Ted, and for a radical healing to match the radical shame he may be feeling.

Lord Jesus, help us all to live in the realization that our sins are no better and no worse, and the shame and misery Haggard’s going through should well be our own.


~ by WriterRand on February 20, 2007.

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