I can’t figure out why it took me so long to get the big picture for my life.  Not at all.

So I’m reading along in “The Way of the Wild Heart” and John Eldredge uses the word “re-fathering” when describing God’s plan for guys like me who are carrying wounds from their earthly father.  The light goes on.  No.  That’s…that’s a lame phrase.  I mean for once I can finally see the big picture God’s tracing in my life AND I FINALLY GET IT FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE BECOMING A CHRISTIAN!

I am being re-fathered.

In order to really understand this, we’ll have to go through the stages John lines out in the book and I’ll do that in the next post: sort of going backwards a bit before we leap forwards.  But I just wanted to mark down for my own posterity that I can finally see order in the randomness that was my life.  Even more encouraging, I can finally see a road for my future that I hadn’t known was there.  God had a pattern and a purpose; all I needed were the eyes to see.

(EDIT UPON REREADING:)  No, no, I read this and it sounds so trite.  At some point, we’re aware that God is our Father and we are his sons.  But do we fully understand the meaning of that relationship?  Do we understand that God is not male in and of himself, but that he uses this choice of words to describe the kind of relationship he wants with us, and that he understands where the fathering wound comes from?  That he desires to heal that wound and in so doing, we need to go back to some of the stages that we might have missed, or to examine the damage caused by jumping ahead of ourselves into stages we weren’t ready for?

MAN, I feel so stupid.  But yeah, the light’s ON.

~ by WriterRand on February 22, 2007.

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