Being Re-Fathered

I am struggling a bit with how to present “The Way of the Wild Heart” to you.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you this has been one of the most profound, healing encounters with my True Father.  I am a different man today than the one that opened this book a couple of weeks ago. 

I’ve gotten some concerns emailed to me that we’re talking about this book and masculinity issues instead of gay recovery issues.  The two are tightly blended and if you struggle with same sex attractions, this book is vital.  Important.  Urgent.  What does healthy look like?  I’m convinced that there is a lot of good information for us here.

I’ve come to such an amazing new understanding.  I run to pray and spend time with Him.  What’s up with that??

Much more from the book on Monday.

~ by WriterRand on February 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Being Re-Fathered”

  1. You said,”I run to pray and spend time with Him.” Yes! Painful situations should drive us to God. A happy, living relationship with Him brings the healing we need, sexually and otherwise.

  2. god loves everyone
    just because you may sin it doesn’t mean he dosen’t lofe you!!!!!!!!!!

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