A Word to My Critics (Discussion Thread)

Consider this a discussion thread for the following: 

I get upbraded for this all the time: why don’t you delete comments from the gay people who visit and say that you’re wrong?

Answer:  Before I’d re-committed my life to Christ, religion made me very angry at times.  I had my dream guy, so who the hell are YOU to put yet another obsticle in my path towards happiness?  I fought.  I argued.  I was going to get married, for pity’s sake.  I was going to be happy.

Truth of the matter finally hit me at age 40.  It took becoming disabled and being thrown in a nursing home for a few years to work out my salvation, as it were, but when it came right down to it, I wanted to be loved.   Securely.  Loved without any consequence of growing older, getting fatter, being disabled.  I wanted to be loved by a father.  I wanted to BE a man instead of lusting for them.  That was the beginning of a long, difficult, rewarding journey. 

It is about process and I don’t believe that everyone is in the same place at the same time.  So for those who say God loves us so much His notes on sin don’t mean anything, well, welcome.  Share.  Contribute.  Argue politely.  Ask questions.

But make no mistake about it, there’s a level beyond which I will NOT tolerate false and misleading opinion.  I have a big post coming up about the attributes of God as it applies to gays and ex-gays alike, and love is but one attribute.  Mercy and compassion and justice and wrath are also attributes.  We’ll get into it in a bit.  I hope there’s some tussle and you’re welcome to disagree.

I’d appreciate your prayers this week.  I have some sort of nasty infection and I’m on more antibiotics than I’ve ever been on in my life.

Thanks, readers.


~ by WriterRand on March 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “A Word to My Critics (Discussion Thread)”

  1. I am praying for your health. Remember that God is with you!

  2. MR, I appreciate that. The antibiotics (both of them!) are working, but it’s slow going. Blessings my brother.

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