The GodMen: A Discussion Thread

This is an ABC Nightline Online story about a group calling themselves the GodMen — Christian men who are taking on a new form of male Christianity, patterened after the idea that Jesus heretofore has been something of an emasculated male when, in fact, he was no such thing.  (Make sure you click on the video link under the picture of Jesus on the left.)

This concept is not only nothing new at Mars Hill, but it’s part of our every day lives there.  However, when it got to the end of the video attached to this article, where it talks about the leader of this seminar “throwing the men a curveball,” I wondered WHY this was a curveball?  If it’s so revolutionary for men to get together and discuss the problems of believing in Christ and being hooked on pornography, then why is a man discussing his homosexuality such a curveball?  Why is it so courageous?  Shouldn’t this all be part of the confession, repentance, and shared accountability necessary to live our faith with honesty, integrity and courage?

Yeah.  I know the answer to that.  I knew it was rhetorical even as I was asking it.  There are still some issues where we Christians will kill our own.  It underlines, perhaps all the more, that while we’re making progress in some areas, it takes those of us who are in the process of change to show other men what that’s like, where we need to share our strength with them and where we need their strength with ours.  I do believe that as formerly gay people, we have a certain strength God’s brought forth in us that’s important for straight men to grasp as well.  The idea that, despite all the “factual” information out there, we have found it possible to commit to change with God’s help and that He is faithful to bring such change about if we’re willing to trust Him through the journey and not expect heterosexuality delivered in a tidy package.  The idea that in order to change, it takes a certain amount of insane courage to face the truth in ourselves and to share that truth with others.

So topics for discussion below, if you’re willing:

  • Are the GodMen in your area?  Have you been to a meeting?
  • What did you think about the video?
  • Which takes more courage to discuss in a forum like this?  Straight porn or being gay?
  • Could YOU share your story in a forum like this?  Why or why not?

 UPDATE (20 Mar 07):  Here’s their website:

~ by WriterRand on March 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “The GodMen: A Discussion Thread”

  1. I have never been to a GodMen meeting, but I think there is a real need for this kind of thing INSIDE churches. The best accountability is with men you see regularly.

    Sharing about being gay would take much more courage than confessing porn addiction, which is so much more common.

    I believe with God’s help I could share my story in a group like this because it would help some there. I have told several totally straight guys about my struggles with SSA and they were encouraged in the battle against their own sin. One guy told me that his own battle was easier than mine and that if God could help me, God could help him.

  2. I really long for the day at church where I can share my story with a brother at church who will look at me and go, “Oh, well, I’ve got a problem with….” and it won’t be any great shakes, just two brothers confessing and repenting on a daily basis.

    I think groups like this might be the next evolution of groups like Promise Keepers. PK always seemed to categorize men as either married or “pre-married,” not knowing there were men in various stages of their life who would not fit comfortably in either category.

    From Eldridge’s book and from this group, I get the feeling that straight and gay men share this feeling of sometimes not quite feeling like a man in the way the world searches for a “real man.” (And what’s THAT these days?) Even Jesus says “I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons…” (II Cor. 6:18) as though He knew that despite our earthly fathers trying so hard to raise us as good sons, there is still a need for continued fathering as only our True Father can do. I think that’s true straight man and gay man alike.

    I’ll be curious to see if other groups like this spring up in other places around the country and if their theology is sound and strong. We men need all the help we can get, as long as that help points us back to our True Father.

  3. “Married or pre-married” brings up a few thoughts I want to express. Some of us may never marry, and more straight Christian men need to recognize this and show appropriate compassion while still giving needed correction.

    One of my friends is a very straight guy who knows all about my SSA issues. He told me that he has great respect for me because I love and obey God even though I face the very real possibility of life-long celibacy if my desire for women does not increase. My friend says that my experience has helped him see the reality that God and His joy are worth FAR more than anything He asks us to give up. We pray together almost every day and I have been amazed at how God has answered our prayers. He often prays very specifically for God to help me in the exact situations where I am most tempted.

    I thank God for friends like him and I pray that more straight Christian men will take on an attitude like his!

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