Thought I’d post something to amuse you tonight.


GodTube.  No kidding.


~ by WriterRand on April 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “GodTube”

  1. Three reasons GodTube won’t last more than a year:

    1) GodTube has been down all day today. It costs a lot of money to stream video content (both in bandwidth and infrastructure costs,) and their servers and software is already balking at the volume of requests.
    2) Assuming that anybody can post to GodTube (I would verify the procedures if the site was up,) it’s likely that the site will become polluted with inappropriate and inane content as it gains popularity.
    3) Compare “GodTube” to “YouTube” and “Broadcast Him” to “Broadcast Yourself”, the latter of both groups being trademarks of Google. Is it really a good idea to violate the copyrights of a $145 billion company?

    Amusing, yes.

  2. GodTube hasn’t officially launched yet, so until it does, it will be somewhat less than par in appearance and performance. It is set to launch soon, however, so stay tuned. The makers of GodTube are more than aware of the costs that it takes to run such a website, so don’t worry about that.

    GodTube has staffed moderators that work to make sure nothing inappropriate is allowed on the site. One of the top priorities of the site is clean, family-friendly, God-honoring material, so that is not something that will ever be put on the backburner– regardless of how much the site grows.

    The makers of GodTube are also more than aware of copyrights and the implications of infringements. Nothing of that sort has happened in the naming and/ or headlining of the site.


  3. Thanks for keeping us updated and informed, Amy. I appreciate you reporting in and correcting us in this matter.

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