Excellent Summary of the Problems We Face

The article is technical to some extent, never mentions God, but it’s written with an attempt to bring a number of psychological issues surrounding homosexuality into the light.  When you consider all the shrill foot-stamping in the media that homosexuality is neither a disorder nor product of same, this article is kinda radical in its assertions.  Said swimming against the stream makes me suspect the possibility therapist here is a Christian, writing for his peers.


I saw myself in this.  Do you?


~ by WriterRand on April 10, 2007.

One Response to “Excellent Summary of the Problems We Face”

  1. The article thoroughly articulated the empirically-verified fact that homosexual behavior is a maladaption, perpetuating the very perceived inadequacies that it is supposed to fulfill.

    This section spoke volumes to me:

    Narcissism is a central challenge to be met during the healing of homosexuality, because same-sex attraction embodies the narcissistic illusion that gender-based shame can be “made better” through same-sex behavior. Same-sex attraction is the illusion that compensates for the shame-based distortion of gender inferiority. In fact, we may view shame as the knife which cuts apart the totality of the self and separates off the “disavowed” or “denounced” gendered part of the self. Homosexuality, then, is used to “close the wound” by importing masculinity from another man.

    Dr. Nicolosi is a primary contributor to NARTH and the director of the Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic, so it’s likely that he’s a Christian giving a purely psychological treatment of same-gender attractions.

    (By the way, the blog post is a reposting of the article located here: http://narth.com/docs/niconew.html)

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