DISCUSSION THREAD: Real-Time Dialogue?

The search for blogs by guys who also deal with the same-sex attraction issue has been eye-opening.  Also jaw-dropping.  Sometimes heart-breaking.

What I haven’t been able to find (yet) are any message boards where guys who deal with this stuff can share experiences and encouragement.  Do you know of any such website?  Independent if possible, but if attached to an ex-gay ministry that’s fine.

If there isn’t anything out there to fill the bill, what do you think about starting one?  I like the idea of creating a place where guys who are struggling big time and guys who have come some distance in this journey can sit down over a virtual beer and share war stories.  I can’t imagine that something like this doesn’t already exist somewhere, but seeing how little online organization there can be in ex-gay minisries, it wouldn’t surprise me.


~ by WriterRand on April 14, 2007.

One Response to “DISCUSSION THREAD: Real-Time Dialogue?”

  1. Actually, there’s a thriving online community supported by Living Hope Ministries, a well-known Exodus-affiliate. They operate the Living Hope Forums, a moderated and anonymous online community for people from all walks of life to share in their experiences. They divide people into communities based on a combination of age, gender, and martial status, though they also have the Hope Cafe, which is a forum that everybody can access.

    I consider the Living Hope Forums to be serving the vital role of providing community and support for people who are unable or unwilling to find it locally and in-person.

    You can access the forums and register for an account at http://forums.livehope.org. The primary website for Living Hope Ministries is http://www.livehope.org.

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