Compulsive Sins (Masturbation, Etc.)

Just finished reading this article on the Probe Ministries website.  (Via the Living Hope Ministries website; hat tip to James!)

It is an excellent explanation of the cycle, the causes, the effects, and why this stuff is so bloody hard to overcome.

Offered here as encouragement.


~ by WriterRand on April 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Compulsive Sins (Masturbation, Etc.)”

  1. Yeah, this article is awesome! I love it so much for the truth that it speaks. Sometimes, I just wonder why this stuff is so difficult to amputate, or is it just how it is to keep us human? God bless.

  2. Please excuse me for being rude and suddenly interfering, but may I ask you a question? According to the author of ‘I kissed dating goodbye’, ‘Boys meet girls’ and ‘Sex is not the problem, lust is’ [Josh Harris (? can’t remember)], masturbation is a sin and Christians believe that this cycle of temptation-sin-repentance should be broken in surrender to God. The question I want to ask is: Is self-touching [not masturbation, but touching sexually] a sin? If Christians believe sex outside of marriage is wrong, then is ‘restrained masturbation’ [orgasm without ejaculation] wrong? I believe in the power of God over human sexuality, i.e., He is able to change our desires, help us to control ourselves, give us strength to overcome temptations, etc. HOWEVER, on one hand singleness is a gift from God that is not for everyone, on the other, not all ex-gay can balance their sexual drive and moving towards heterosexual marriage. I myself struggle a lot, emotionally, with my girlfriend. Some Christians even believe that there is nothing wrong with masturbation and when we masturbate we should thank God for the gift of pleasure and RADICALLY AMPUTATE everything to do with lust, or fantasies of having sex with other people we are in love with or using them as self-satisfying sexual objects. This causes me to question how far can one touch oneself, if self touching is not a sin. It is so difficult to draw the line what is right/wrong, although I acknowledge that this is already some form of legalism.

    WHAT DO YOU THINK? Please feel free to offer me answers. My email is transformthebeast (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Thank you!

  3. Yes, I do believe that restrained masturbation is sin because it enslaves us. We begin to idolize it in place of God.

    You do not have to stop all sin before praying for help. Your efforts are not good enough, only what Jesus did on the cross can take away our sin! Pray and ask for God to forgive you and change your heart so that you love Him and gladly obey. Then trust Him to do that.

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