I Don’t Often Do This, But…

…I want to draw your attention to another blog from someone who also deals with these attractions and deals with them honestly and openly, learning what it means to be completely submitted to Christ…just like the rest of us.

His blog, Transformation, is under the Blogroll. You can also click here.


~ by WriterRand on May 1, 2007.

8 Responses to “I Don’t Often Do This, But…”

  1. I have been honest but not so open in my blog. Many of the high school kids in my church read it and I just don’t think that is the right place for discussing SSA.

    Should I start another blog where I am open about SSA?

  2. Sure! I definitely think your voice needs to be in the mix. Either start your own or take me up on my offer to contribute here when you have the time and the inspiration. But yes, do. You’re a brother in Christ with a strong point of view on these things.

  3. MR: Been thinking about this more. I have received a dozen or so emails from parents of teens that want to send their kids here for help in dealing with these feelings. I think if you take the position lilke I have about the descriptions of sexual acts and don’t emphasize them, but the emotional and spiritual and moral connections to same, then you’d have a good chance of being a resource for the parents of those high school kids.

    At age 8, I remember having weird, vaguely intense feelings towards a boy that would come over to our ranch to ride. By the time I got to high school, it was already too late.

  4. You’re right. It might be helpful as long as I approach it carefully. I have already started writing my testimony, but it is in a password-protected file that I haven’t shown to anyone else yet. It will be a big step if I go public with it. It is one thing to tell my close friends, as I do, but it is quite another to talk to a parent of a student I am tutoring.

    I clearly remember having these feelings at age 12, long before high school, so I realize younger kids could be helped…

  5. That can be a long, slow and painful journey and I don’t envy you. That pain is one of the reasons that I don’t have my testimony up yet. Still burying the demons from the past…

    As you have time. If you’d like to cross-post here, that testimony is more than welcome as are any observations you have from your interactions. What’s happening on the campus as far as SSA issues, etc. Whatever. You’re more than welcome to perch here.

    (Edited because it was 1:00 a.m. or something…)

    (You’re loved, brother!)

  6. I just want to make it clear, I am older than college age but most of my friends are that age. I know many high school students because I do a lot of tutoring. I’m sure everything you said still applies, so thanks for welcoming my contributions!

  7. MR: Yeah, I know. Sorry. 1 a.m. or something when I wrote that (I think) and I was loopy. I just think you have an interesting point of view and it would be a valuable addition.

    But even if not, it’s good to have you here.

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for your visit to my blog! Every bit of your life story and struggles blesses my soul. I am not alone, you are not alone, and neither are many other people!

    Together in Christ’s love,

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