In case you’re like me and your past sneaks up and bites you on your tuchis:

Isaiah 54:4
“Fear not, for you will not be put to shame;
And do not feel humiliated, for you will not be disgraced;
But you will forget the shame of your youth,
And the reproach of your widowhood you will remember no more.”

1 Peter 2:6
“For in Scripture it says:
“See, I lay a stone in Zion,
a chosen and precious cornerstone,
and the one who trusts in him
will never be put to shame.”

Just a word of encouragement for everyone who struggles with this attraction issue and the lingering shame that the Enemy uses to get us distracted and discouraged.


~ by WriterRand on May 10, 2007.

One Response to “Shame”

  1. Thanks, formerlygay, these word bless my heart. Yes, there are times when I need to slow down and be still realising that Jesus actually has taken all my sin and shame away. And thus, I need to keep my chin up (!).

    My prayers are with you!

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