Hold Me: (Prelude) How I Came to Understand Satan and the War

This whole thing is going to take several posts with the inherent, dangerous possibility that nobody is going to understand this except me.  But this is an amalgam of sources that God brought me this week to highlight and illustrate a greater understanding in my life of what this need is to be held.  I’ve been so wrong, I wasn’t seeing things clearly.

First, it seems, is the need to remember that we are at war.  We shoulder-roll out of our mothers’ wombs straight into spiritual battle.  Even if we think we’re not participating in spiritual warfare, we are.  We’re choosing to get caught in the crossfire and die.  But make no mistake about it, the war ceaselessly rages forth.  In understanding this warfare (and where this physical need we have gets perverted) I had to get a better idea of Satan’s rage and what lay behind it.  Strangely enough, I found a modern parable of that in…a movie.

In Peter Shaffer’s brilliant screenplay of Amadeus, there is a scene where Old Solieri gives up.  He has led a life of piety towards God, hoping, praying, that in exchange for his never-waivering faithfulness that one day, God would grant him the ability to create such sweet, wonderous music that would hold the very breath of God in it.  Instead, God sends perverse, filthy, giggly little spoiled brat Amadeus to bear the gift that Solieri so longed for.

Try as he might, Solieri can’t figure out a way to learn this gift, to hold even a piece of it.  He mistakenly trades piety for faith, so he feels betrayed and spat upon by God, that God would not choose him to reflect His glory.  These scenes are of Old Solieri, describing his rage and his vow against God:

               INT. SALIERI’S APARTMENT – BEDROOM – NIGHT – 1780’S

               CU, Salieri standing, his eyes shut, shaking in distress. 
               He opens them and sees Christ across the room, staring at
               him from the wall.

                                     OLD SALIERI (V.O.)
                         From now on, we are enemies, You and

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. OLD SALIERI’S HOSPITAL ROOM – NIGHT – 1823

               The old man is reliving the experience. Vogler looks at
               him, horrified.

                                     OLD SALIERI
                         Because You will not enter me, with
                         all my need for you; because You
                         scorn my attempts at virtue; because
                         You choose for Your instrument a
                         boastful, lustful, smutty infantile
                         boy and give me for reward only the
                         ability to recognize the Incarnation;
                         because You are unjust, unfair,
                         unkind, I will block You! I swear
                         it! I will hinder and harm Your
                         creature on earth as far as I am
                         able. I will ruin Your Incarnation.

                                                               CUT BACK TO:

               INT. SALIERI’S APARTMENT – BEDROOM – NIGHT – 1780’S

               CU, the fireplace. In it lies the olivewood Christ on the
               cross, burning.

                                     OLD SALIERI (V.O.)
                         What use after all is Man, if not to
                         teach God His lessons?

               The cross flames up and disintegrates. Salieri stares at it.

If that’s not a parable for Satan’s vow against humanity, I don’t know what is.  We are not unseen by Satan.  We cannot think that we are beyond his desire to destroy us.  Solieri singled out Mozart, but Satan singles out no one.  So that means he hates you.  And me.  He’ll use whatever means ncessary to destroy us, but he’ll use as little energy as it takes to do so.  One of those ways is to blur that reflected glory of God, to shame us, break us, convince us that we are worth so little to God just as we are that we’ll never be acceptable to Him.

In the next installment:  The Passive Man vs. The Warrior

~ by WriterRand on May 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “Hold Me: (Prelude) How I Came to Understand Satan and the War”

  1. When our enemy tries “to blur that reflected glory of God”, we should do as Jesus did.

    Hebrews 12:2 (ESV) “looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross…”

    Think about the faithfulness of our God to keep His astounding promise of eternal complete joy with Him!

  2. True! True! In Part III, this is the solution to the problem at hand. Like I said, what I’m thinking may make some sort of sense only to me, or I could be completely off track, but it’s sort of a way of looking at our hearts as God’s sons, that reflects back to this need…and whether it’s a weakness or a strength.

  3. AMEN!!! We are in a great war, but Jesus is our conquering King! Alleluia!

  4. Hardly seems fair to be so wounded in a war HE’S already won, right?

    What did Eldredge suggest God uses like a Master training his Disciple?

    Ooooh, if this comes out right, it’s all gonna come together so pretty. If not, I’ll risk looking like a talentless boob.

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