Discussion Thread: A reader, LBC, Asks…

I am surprised at the posts on this site that get the most traffic.  Lonnie Frisbee gets the most hits by FAR, even though he’s way, way, WAY in the past archives.  Even though the miniseries has been out for a while, Jay Bakker’s ministry and the “One Punk” miniseries still get multiple hits a day.

But somewhere around third place is the “Is Your Husband Gay?” article which points towards an ABC news piece about guys who are gay who get married and don’t tell their wives.  LBC wrote a comment in that post asking for opinions.  I’m frontpaging it and opening up this one to everyone.  (Be polite, please.)

Opinions I beg.  U find a gay porn mag in garage, he states that is was his old roomate’s before you can check the date, after you hid it well, you go to check he already found and took, or as he states threw away?  The X roomie was a short hispanic man very blue collar w/ gfriend and two kids that lived there as well.  NEXT, you find gay porn movies on internet that he visited HE says they were pop ups when he was looking at reg. porn, UHM I never seen a full movie clip pop up and YOU??  What is your opinion.  Oh and there is one other thing I can’t repeat. I want someones opinion so bad but I am emberressed for him.  and if a guy likes it in the butt IS HE GAY???????

I’m not going to give my response right away.  If you’re a regular here, or even lurking, you’re free to give advice, provided it’s polite and respectful.  She doesn’t mention whether or not she or her husband? boyfriend? know Jesus or not, so keep that in mind.  If you’ve had experience in this area, you may also want to mention that.  I would send some of this by email, but I don’t know if they live together or share email accounts, so let’s keep everything local right here.

And LBC, if you need a place to write to and share what you’re going through, you’re always welcome here.  I don’t envy what you’re going through, but you’re more than welcome to come here and find some people who are at least willing to virtually walk through it with you.

P.S.:  I can always be reached at formerlygay (at) gmail.com.


~ by WriterRand on May 25, 2007.

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