Introducing James

I am extremely proud to introduce you to a new contributor to the blog, James.  He’s the first of several who will be appearing this summer.  He’ll be along shortly with his own words, so I thought I’d pave the way. 

James has been a commenter here for quite some time.  He was one of the first ones who accepted an invitation to blog here and now that he’s done with finals, he’s going to be writing here on the average of once a week, with some special live-blogging events that will happen later this summer.  (I can’t wait for these!)

He came over Saturday afternoon around 3:00 — seven and a half hours later we looked up, surprised that we’d talked the evening away!  I think we talked about everything subject under the sun, but we also know and hold fast to the knowledge that through all of this, Jesus is both our source of strength and anchor through this weird, lonely journey that we’re on.

We discussed the goal of eventually adding additional contributors to the blog, to really cover this journey from different angles, and to be a resource for not only people who struggle with SSA issues, but for the wives, husbands, parents, children and friends who love people who struggle.  We want to be a resource for churches as well, helping to combat this insane attitude we’ve encountered, that homosexuality is somehow the worst possible sin you can commit, thereby forcing people who deal with these issues further into the closet and further away from Jesus’ promise of hope and healing.  James has great ideas on how to help change this blog into that resource, and I’m grateful for his energy and enthusiasm.  In our talks so far, I’ve been extremely impressed with his maturity, depth, and commitment to Christ, something I sometimes have trouble seeing in people twice his age.  I’m giving him a free hand to write about whatever he wants and there are several issues for which we may write together.

I am privileged to know this extraordinary young man and to count him as a trusted brother in Christ.  It’s my hope and prayer that his additional perspective will begin to shape and form this weird personal blog into something that can be used by God.  I hope you’ll enjoy his contributions.  Please welcome him!


~ by WriterRand on May 28, 2007.

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