Buggin’ Out

I’ve spent this too-early-morning in tears; of mourning, of hope and of laughter.

I blame these guys:


It’s a pretty honest online magazine and at times reveals some of the darker sides of the gay life…but does so in a way that always points to Christ’s strength, love and compassion for healing and a way OUT.

I hope it encourages you today like it did me. Somewhere I’ve got a much larger dose of self-compassion this morning than I did before reading it. I am reminded that sometimes I spend way too much time concentrating on the man that I’m not than to remember the man I once was. As were some of you.

Go. Now. And tell them I sent you.


~ by WriterRand on May 31, 2007.

6 Responses to “Buggin’ Out”

  1. amen. thanks for the link.

  2. I hate you for sending me to this link. I read every single article on it and I am a big mess this morning. It totally destroyed me (but in a very good way). Thank you for the link to Bugging Out and for taking the time to work on your blog…I have been reading it for the past month now and have really been blessed by all the links, stories and news flashes.

  3. Yeah, the guy who writes that thing updates even less frequently than I do, but time and time again he pushes me to reconsider everything I think about this journey through SSA and out again. I’m glad you found him a blessing.

    Welcome to the blog, Karl. I’m glad that you’re here and that my crazed spatterings bless you!

  4. I was totally blown away by the article “A Sex Addict’s Gift”. totally totally blown away. Thanks,

    • I must have missed this one when it first came out. (Odd since I get email notices when they do.) Yeah, no kidding, this one hits me, too. In fact, I was just headed down the same road wondering what gifts I could possibily possess and here is the answer.

  5. I actually still have the original, print newsletters of most of these from when I lived in the New York City area in the late 1990s. Oh my gosh! Reading these back then (and knowing a couple of guys who were struggling also) absolutely shattered my heart. Identifying with the emotions, the mental anguish and even some of the same experiences, I cried too with every new newsletter I could get my hands on. ‘Buggin Out’ was actually the spark that ignited my passion for those struggling with same-sex attractions and led me to reexamine my life and my relationship with God. The Lord is awesome! Thank you for the link! I will continue to pray for myself, for all you guys who are still fighting the battle and for those who are unaware and trapped (but still hoping and searching for a way out).

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