My Response to LBC

In a previous comment, a reader named LBC asks the following:

Opinions I beg.  U find a gay porn mag in garage, he states that is was his old roomate’s before you can check the date, after you hid it well, you go to check he already found and took, or as he states threw away?  The X roomie was a short hispanic man very blue collar w/ gfriend and two kids that lived there as well.  NEXT, you find gay porn movies on internet that he visited HE says they were pop ups when he was looking at reg. porn, UHM I never seen a full movie clip pop up and YOU??  What is your opinion.  Oh and there is one other thing I can’t repeat. I want someones opinion so bad but I am emberressed for him.  and if a guy likes it in the butt IS HE GAY???????

Dear LBC:

From everything I have seen, read and experienced these days, sexuality can be pretty fluid for certain people.  That one person likes one thing or another may not make them necessarily gay or straight.  But on the other hand, being a Christian, I know how easy it is for someone who is caught in sin to lie and make excuses.  (I do it myself!)  The best advice I can give you is to trust your instincts.  Something isn’t right here.

You don’t mention whether or not you have a relationship with Jesus.  I strongly recommend finding a local church who has experience with people who deal with homosexual thoughts and feelings.  You know then that they would give you a fair shake in dealing with all of this and could help support you while you and your man deal with this issue.  They can show you how much Jesus cares for you and your man, and how much He wants to see this problem healed and the both of you stronger and loved as only He can love you!  It’s going to be a hard fight, but Jesus has promised to be there.  If you email me your city, I can do some research and try to find a place that would be open to counseling either just you or you and your man.

Best of luck.  Let us know how you’re doing and if we can help in any way.  We care and will be praying for the both of you.



~ by WriterRand on May 31, 2007.

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