SSA-Positive Churches (Attn: Kentucky)

I got a great note back from one of the guys who runs the Acts 29 ministry at church. He highly recommends any of the Acts 29-based churches found here as being safe, positive churches for men looking to deal with same-sex attraction issues.

Specifically in Kentucky (and you know who you are), he recommends Sojourn Community Church in Louisville and The Point Community Church in Frankfort.

I hope this gives you guys a place to start if your own church is not supportive of your desire to deal with this stuff openly and without shame. As soon as I figure out the text widgets here on WordPress, we’ll keep a current list of all national churches that we’ve found helpful.

~ by WriterRand on June 3, 2007.

One Response to “SSA-Positive Churches (Attn: Kentucky)”

  1. Hey man, one church I happen to know about is First Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, IN. I’ve found some great comfort from some of their members. They’re also involved with an Exodus Ministry called Hope and New Life, which has helped me quite a bit before. I’d highly recommend them from my own part.

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