The Science of Gaydar

I’m off to check the whorl in my hair.

P.S.:  James is going to be along shortly with a bit on another article on Christian ministries and the “lack of choice” which I personally found surprising.


~ by WriterRand on June 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Science of Gaydar”

  1. Hi Formerlygay, Sorry for a long absence. It’s good catching up reading your blog. I’ve read this article today and tried to find out what truly is behind this ‘science of gaydar’. I discovered that this whole thing talks rubbish, a whole lot of garbage more or less. My finger lengths, my finger prints, my hair whorl…nothing matches what they say…

    And yes, if there is what so call gay gene… then in the future, gay people will be extinct because no-one wants their children to go through that hard life, being so confused by sexual identity and emotion….

    Well, I guess, the Devil is being busy…his work is full of lies, lies, and more lies…Oh, how I wish some people just wake up from the dead and let Christ shine upon them.

    I hope you’re well in Christ!

  2. My own hair is too long to see the whorl, but I caught myself checking out the back of several guys’ heads today.

  3. Boys:
    Even as I was typing that entry on the blog, I was checking the finger ratios on both hands. Sheesh, according to that I’m waaaay gay.

    Praise be to God for the ability to choose to live above our genetics.

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