How a Gay Rights Leader Became Straight

The web site this comes from is a little out there in some beliefs for my taste, but it was good to get these links today:

How a Gay Rights Leader Became Straight:

Gay Rights Leader Quits Homosexuality:

Enjoy. Additional encouragement that, despite what the rest of the world says, it is possible to change.


~ by WriterRand on July 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “How a Gay Rights Leader Became Straight”

  1. This sounded like terrific news.

    But Michael Glatze does not claim to have become heterosexual. Nor does he claim to have become straight. Nor does he say that he has completely halted his compulsive sexual behavior. He only says that he has left homosexuality, whatever that means.

    Perhaps you could ask him for clarification as to what he meant, and what the change was.

    I would truly like to believe that he is in recovery from his unhealthy behavior, but his article is very oddly and elliptically worded, and heavy on blaming homosexuals rather than accepting responsibility for his bad behavioral choices.

    I recommend a bit of caution — Glatze was not a well-known gay rights leader, his magazine only survived one year. This story seems heavy on promotion, but light on substance.

  2. Hi, Mike!

    You’re right, the headline of this article is misleading; but the gist of his own words (rather than the words from WorldNet Daily, which is a publication that I have a lot of trouble with) shows that he’s at least started the process and recognizes it as a process rather than a goal. Whenever anyone makes the transition and says “I’m completely free of homosexuality,” I always bear a little suspicion towards that claim. God is a God of process, but if he wants to just out and out change someone’s orientation he’s more than capable. I just don’t see it happen that often. I find far more peace comes out of the struggle with that process. He’s vague in this article, and I’m going to mark his future articles for linkage here so we can see how his process is going. I may even send him an email and ask him to clarify, or see if he’d like to make himself available for questions from the audience, as it were.

    Sure, his magazine lasted only a year but he did attend a lot of high profile events which sorta indicated to me that he was at least on his way to becoming a nationally-recognized leader. (But as conversant as I was with national gay leadership, I admit I hadn’t heard of him.) That’s enough to make me glad that he’s “come out” with his leaving, as it were. My hope and prayer is that he will receive the right help and support in that process and that he sees that the journey is almost always more profitable than the crossing of the finish line.

    Thanks for your comments, Mike. And welcome. It’s nice to see you here.

  3. Thanks for the welcome. I share your hope that he will receive the right help to leave behind unhealthy behaviors. And, as I stated on another blog, I appreciate his past effort to create a healthy non-pornographic gay-youth magazine. (Though I had never heard of it.)

    If you are someday able to encourage him to clarify, that would be stupendously wonderful. To be honest, I perceived a great deal of bitterness and hostility in his article, which is clouding his message of hope.

  4. He seems to blame the gay community for his own lifestyle choices. He even seems to hate himself: “I was repulsive for quite some time; I am still dealing with all of my guilt.”

    Disturbingly he aligned himself with the gutter of all conservative “news” sites. It seems like he is just going from one extreme to another.

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