PRAYER REQUEST: Tonight (UPDATED: Now Saturday)

James’ business here in Seattle is almost over.  He leaves Sunday afternoon for his return back to Texas.  Would you please pray for his travel, for protection and strength?

Also, for tonight.  At 6:30 PST, MR, James and I will be having dinner.  We’ll all be in the same room for the first time this summer and it’s our chance to sit and talk about many things, not the least of which is how to best serve and minister through this blog.  Being here to share our stories, our struggles, and our victories.  Pointing to resources if you’re just beginning your ministry.  And Lord only knows what else.

Please pray for our pizza and planning tonight.  I’ve come to love these brothers very much and I’m excited that God may have plans for the bunch of us yet.


(UPDATE:  Met with MR last night but James was out with a superbug that has him down for the count until he’s no longer contageous.  This could mean needing to extend his internship for a few days.  Prayer for him, for recovery, and for closing out his days at MS on a high note would be much appreciated!

MR and I had pizza and chatted for five and a half hours straight.  The man is incredible and I marveled at the way two people who had never met before suddenly sit down and act like old friends.  It was the same way with James.  It was a profound night for me in that it felt so strongly like Jesus was right in the middle of this, paving over the insecurities and all the things that keep people from connecting, and He’s busy building connections here for some purpose yet to be revealed.

Anyway, the meeting for all three of us has yet to be rescheduled, but we’re looking at Saturday.  We’re probably going to have to start early as this looks like a night of incredible conversation and connection.  We ask for prayers for that night as well, that God would use it and use it strongly for His glory, and that if we’re to work together on this planned ministry project, that He begin that good work through us.  Thanks, friends.)

~ by WriterRand on August 8, 2007.

One Response to “PRAYER REQUEST: Tonight (UPDATED: Now Saturday)”

  1. I just got back from a “prayer walk” in which I get exercise, enjoy God’s creation and pray all at the same time and I prayed you for all. I will pray again regarding your fellowship. I hope you have a blessed time. If I could, I’d offer to cook for you or pick up the check 🙂

    Bon Appétit,


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