Bill, Shot and Bleeding


I am a Democrat.  (Don’t let that throw you.  A Democrat who loves Jesus.  A lot.)  I remember the time in this country where we used to have conservative and liberal Democrats and conservative and liberal Republicans.  I’d probably be a considerably liberal Republican if that were still the case.  But we’ve allowed the framing to stupidly shift to Republican=Conservative and Liberal=Democrat, then one party demonizes the word “Liberal” and that —

Okay, no ranting.  That’s falling into the trap of “anger porn.”  (Hat tip to David for that phrase, which nails it perfectly.)

The problem with one’s personal political outlook embracing elements from both parties is that inevitably you will get shot at from both sides.  During last night’s Democratic debate, wherein the candidates met with gay and lesbian leaders, Bill Richardson discovered this uncomfortable stance and shot himself in the foot, perhaps fatally.  From a live blog of the debate:


KATHARINE: Richardson just told Melissa that Homosexuality is a CHOICE!!!!

LANE: He just said that homosexuality is a choice. What a freakin’ moron! He just lost every semblance of gay support. It is OVER. Take him off the stage.

KATHARINE: And Melissa just asked him AGAIN…because she thought he didn’t understand.

LANE: I’m done listening to him and so is the rest of LGBT America. DONE. If he didn’t get it the first time, he doesn’t need to hold the office of dog catcher.

KATHARINE: He should have gone to NH with Dodd.

LANE: Do you see how the people in the audience are reacting? This man doesn’t get it.

Yep. He would have done better not even being here.

Melissa just asked about bark beatles… even SHE knows it’s a lost cause at this point.

KATHARINE: You’re so right — She said it. You’re done Man. Go back to handling BARK BEATLES.

LANE: and Margaret moves us away from bark beatles back to the discussion that he screwed up. One more chance… will he get it? NOPE… why haven’t they kicked him off of the stage yet?

KATHARINE: I take back EVERYTHING I said about Richardson improving.

LANE: Rightly so. I think he must be drunk.

Tolerance.  Riiiiiiiiight. 

It makes me want to vote for him all the more, but sadly I think they’re right.  I honestly thought that there was more of a diversity of opinion within the Democratic party.  Perhaps there is, but as for the gay and lesbian political leadership, not so much.  Then again, it becomes painfully clear to see how much the GLBT community is like the Republican party they most despise: there must be a uniformity to party thought, a lockstep to approved positions to take.  Deviate and you’re subject to swift and immediate…well, hissy fits like last night.  Too bad.  Makes me want to throw my support behind Richardson.  But as of now, I see no candidate that I will eagerly support.  On either side.

~ by WriterRand on August 10, 2007.

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