NARTH 2007 Conference

Later today I’m going to have something up about yesterday. With a summer of busy schedules and work and delayed travel, yesterday was the only day that MR, James and I could meet for lunch. I’d met up with the men at different times throughout the summer, but yesterday was the first day we could sit down all together.

And what a day it was. I’m still…man, my heart is lighter today than it’s been in months. But like I said: later.

I saw this today and wanted to pass it along for those who might be interested. I don’t endorse them personally because I know little about them other than the stray bits of information here and there, both good and bad. (If you’ve had experiences with them, both good and bad, please pass ’em to us at formerlygay (at) We’ll keep ’em private, but we appreciate any and all information to spread. ) (And how weird is it to be using “we” now. But it really is OUR blog even though the guys aren’t at full posting speed yet.)

Speakers for the 2007 conference:

Scheduled workshops (PDF):

If you go, we’d appreciate a note letting us know how it was. (And, as always around here, everything is treated as private unless you specifically give us permission to print.)


~ by WriterRand on August 13, 2007.

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