PRAYER REQUEST: The Case of Lisa Miller

The case stands as a warning, especially for “gay Christians” who plan on a same-sex spouse and having children. You think your faith and your legal status aren’t going to be contradictory at some point? What do you do in the following case?

But also a call for prayer. These women need our prayerful support.

Ex Gay Civil Rights Case : An Update from Lisa Miller

This is an update about oe of our own Lisa Miller about a Vermont
court hearing to determine whether Lisa Miller should lose custody
of her daughter.

Virginia resident Lisa Miller, mother of five-year-old Isabella
Miller, was involved in the homosexual lifestyle for a short time.
She is now a born-again Christian. Lisa has provided a stirring
update about the August 3, 2007, Vermont court hearing to determine
whether she should lose custody of her daughter to Janet Jenkins,
Lisa’s former lesbian partner. Jenkins, a woman entirely unrelated
to Isabella, has argued that Lisa is an unfit parent due to her
Christian faith. The court has ordered that Jenkins have visitation
with Isabella. The last visitation session was for an entire week.

Concerned Women for America (CWA) has also learned that Lisa’s
attorneys, with Virginia-based Liberty Counsel, will have 10 minutes
before the Virginia Supreme Court on August 29 at 3:00 p.m. to try
to convince the court to intervene on behalf of Lisa and Isabella.
Please pray that the court will enforce both Virginia’s marriage
protection laws and the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and
put a stop to this madness once and for all.

For more background on Lisa and Isabella’s tragic story, Read the
August 1 column, You’re Not My Mommy, by Matt Barber, CWA Policy
Director for Cultural Issues.

Lisa Miller in her own words:

Dear Friends,

I am writing this to you as I am sitting here in Vermont. I am being
well taken care of here in Vermont for my hosts are wonderful. As
most of you know I had a hearing in Vermont on Friday, August 3,
2007. Praise God for a victory. The hearing was supposed to focus on
what the other side called “parental alienation” which is translated
to us as religious persecution. A complete list of questions can be
found on my web site so I won’t go into those
questions other than to share their crux of their questions which
they summed up in three questions:

Question #9 which reads “Plaintiff believes that homosexuality is
harmful to children” and

Question # 7 which reads “Plaintiff believes that God has a plan and
purpose for Isabella’s life”.

Question #20 which reads “At the April 14, 2007 visit between
Isabella and Ms. Jenkins, Isabella asked Ms. Jenkins if she was a
Christian and if she believed that Jesus had died on the cross for
her (Ms. Jenkins) sins.

When Janet’s lawyers brought up the list of questions which
translated into sanctions (charges) against me the Judge said that
he would not hear the complaint because they did not file a proper
motion to bring additional sanctions against me. The other side
argued for some time on this issue and the Judge said that if they
wanted to go back and file a proper motion then he would hear their
motion at that time but not today.

Another court room praise: I walked out of the court room not owing
Janet any monetary sanctions. Apparently, I did owe roughly $7,000
in past fines for my 2006 sanctions where I denied Janet visitation
of Isabella because I had a Virginia court order stating that I was
the only parent and that I did not have to give visitation to Janet.
Those Vermont fines were calculated at $25.00 per day from the time
of the order and were to be added on a daily basis until I gave
visitation which I did in April 2007 via court order. I was shocked
to learn that I did owe that much and was praising God when I walked
out of that court room owing nothing because I signed the time share
over to Janet. We had owned the time share together and instead of
having it appraised and getting half of the cost when it was sold I
signed it over, thus dissolving my debt to Janet.

Thank you all who have been praying for this hearing. It was a
victory for God! Obviously, we will be returning to court if Janet
files the motion for review of my conduct according to the questions
listed above as her accusations state that my faith and beliefs
alienate her from having a relationship with Isabella. For now,
though this is our first victory in the Vermont court system. Praise

Final ruling of 8/3/07 hearing: The Judge did rule from the bench
that both parties are to come up with a statement that does not
denigrate Janet’s homosexual lifestyle. Now, as Christians we know
that we speak God’s truth and God states that homosexuality is a
sin. When a homosexual hears that God says homosexuality is a sin
they accuse us of being derogatory. We have two weeks to get the
statement to Judge Cohen with those two weeks ending in a decision
from Judge Cohen’s bench. He basically has two choices: First, he
can make his own statement since obviously both sides are not going
to agree on the issue of homosexuality. Second, he can order us back
into court to review the questions listed above (remember there are
many more questions -the above three were merely a summation of what
all the questions were about) so he can decide if I am alienating
Janet from Isabella based on what they call my religious

Frankly, if you know Isabella you know she is on fire for the Lord
and she is a witness for the Lord. During the last visit with Janet
(in Virginia) she told Janet that “God says I can’t have two
mommies”. I never told her to say that to Janet. Janet was exerting
her Vermont parental authority during the visit and told Isabella
she was her mom and Isabella told her that according to God she
couldn’t be. This little five year old passes out tracts, tells her
friends about Jesus, corrects me when I forget to pray, asks to read
straight from the Bible entire books of the Bible, and is just so
sweet and wants the best for every part of God’s creation. She is so
blessed by God that it is impossible to give me any credit for her
witnessing to Janet.

Prayer Request: Well, this is getting long and I would like to close
with a prayer request. Please pray for Isabella. As of today
(9:00p.m), I am still not able to call her. I dropped her off Sunday
night at 8:00p.m. She was crying yet still trying to be brave. She
called me Monday morning at 7:30a.m. (less than 12 hours later) and
was crying and had to go abruptly. I heard Janet in the background
tell her something and immediately Isabella said “Bye” and hung up.
I have not heard from her since that phone call.

Please pray for God’s intervention that I will be able to talk to
Isabella and will be able to call her. If I call her without
permission I will be accused of “interfering with Janet’s parenting
time” (it is written as such in the Vermont court order) and that is
automatic grounds for transfer of custody of Isabella from me to
Janet. I am concerned about not hearing from Isabella because during
the past two visits there were problems with Janet not allowing
Isabella to call me and Isabella conveyed this to me upon arrival
home from each visit. This visit -keep in mind- is for 6 nights and
7 days whereas ALL the other overnight visits (two of them) have
been for 1 night only. In addition, activities such as coercion on
Janet’s part for Isabella to call her mom, indecent exposure and
nudity by Janet in front of Isabella and a direct telling by Janet
to Isabella that God is wrong occurred during the visits.

Please also pray for the Virginia courts to rule in our favor. As I
write to you the Virginia Supreme Court has my case on their desk
along with a plea to expedite hearing my case. Virginia needs to
rule in favor of her laws which are for marriage between one man and
one woman including not recognizing any civil unions or any
contractual agreements arising out of a civil union. Virginia has
ignored her laws and has allowed the importation of Vermont’s civil
union law into her state. Consequently, a five year old is being
held hostage.

I know God is in control. I know there is a plan and purpose for
this week. I do ask that you keep Isabella in your prayers and that
God’s will be done in this situation. Please also keep Janet in your
prayers for her salvation. Thank you for your prayers.

Joyfully Serving Christ,



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3 Responses to “PRAYER REQUEST: The Case of Lisa Miller”

  1. Salvation for Seth and Dennis Garman. Deliverance from drugs, alcohol and all bondages and generational curses known or unknown to be broken and lifted. May they see the truth of the Gospel and their purpose. God locate and bring Seths future christian wife and dennis future christian wife to them each very soon.

    Deliverance for Mimi from all occult over her body and life to be broken and lifted off. Healing through bone and marrow and renewed like the eagle. Strong spiritual warfare over her and needs fervent continuous prayer.

    Salvation for Susan T. and all bondages of witchcraft to be broken. Also deliverance from prescription drugs.

    Salvation for Ana P. and may the Holy Spirit make her take inventory of her life and take a good look of herself and black heart, see how she truely is, the darkness in her mind, heart, spirit full of greed and personalitie disorders that she will not allow herself to see, feel conviction so that her heart may be salvation.

  2. Criminals evading the law.


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