“Dear Ted: Get a Job. Love, Your Overseers.”


You have no idea what this does to begin to restore faith in Ted’s oversight team.  Although the creepy comments made by others in the article are frustrating, it goes to show that the public is watching us, that we are all of Jesus some people will ever see.

Me thinks Ted and his team could use some more prayer tonight.  And as long as we’re at it, I think thanking God for His justice and mercy in this case would be a good idea, too.


~ by WriterRand on August 31, 2007.

2 Responses to ““Dear Ted: Get a Job. Love, Your Overseers.””

  1. I’ve been ordained for about 4 years and never collected a salary from the church. I’ve always maintained that keeping a job always gave me to serve freely w/o the possibility to be coerced as a hireling. I preach it like it is, don’t like it? Fire me! Also, most “professional” pastors have lost touch with the working class. In the past 10 years I’ve seen a dozen pastors fall, afterward they were unemployable as they had no skills and no resume to speak of. I know one who lives just above the poverty line living on the wages of sin! May God strike me dead before I follow in their footsteps!

  2. God is going to use Ted in a mighty way if he reamins humble and dies daily. He will be helling gays and bis leave the deathstyle for God!!!! he will be helping sexually and pornaddicted men get freedom in Christ. almost all the great men of the bible fell. he is ging to help the down low men going to church sexing men and having a faily. The down lows are going to get saved!!!!! he needs at least 3 years of soberitry in christ and spiritual dad!! he is going to be a spiritual dad to the guys who left gay for God!!!!

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