MR: On a “Resolving Realities” Post

Here we begin with MR’s first post here.  I’m very happy to present his heart here for you to enjoy. 

A few days ago I read the entry entitled Chapter’s End from the “Resolving Realities” blog. Since then I have read and re-read it many, many times. It has moved me to tears of joy, it has helped me stop worrying and be at peace, it has motivated me to action. In it David, the author, expresses his thoughts and feelings about this past summer as it draws to a close and his new life in the fall begins. Throughout all of it I sense the powerful hand of God at work guiding, protecting, encouraging, and teaching him.

He tries to put into words the satisfying, peaceful happiness he feels when he not only sees the daunting challenges ahead but also looks back at God’s faithfulness to help him through the difficulties of the summer. He contemplates God’s many surprising and beautiful gifts to him over the last few months, gifts of friendship, the grandeur of natural beauty in God’s creation, accomplishments at work, helpful lessons learned. All of this points to the splendor of the immense and powerful, yet loving God behind it all.

What stands out is a sense of wild adventure in facing the future, not accepting the routine, easy way, but rather choosing to pioneer a difficult new path through uncharted territory. David can find happiness in that because he has seen God faithful to help him in the past and knows God will do the same in the future! That pioneering approach is exactly the way I am now seeking to live.

I certainly do not call myself “an openly gay Christian” as David does. Rather, I call myself a Christian man who fights the temptation to sin sexually with other men. I believe that all homosexuality is sin to be turned from. Although he and I differ on this important issue, I want to focus on what I appreciate about his approach. David and I both have stopped hiding our struggles with attraction to men. That takes the courage of a pioneer. Some Christians may mistreat me because I deal with what to them is a particularly disgusting sin. Some gays may reject me because I am a Christian. Who can I turn to when faced with this rejection from both sides? God !

I used to crave comfort and stability, but not any more. It is only when I follow Jesus into great risks and put myself in an uncomfortable position that I can accomplish what really matters and be truly happy. This pleasure of knowing, following, worshipping, and glorifying God is far better than hooking up for a night or getting high. It is worth living and dying for. It is worth denying myself, taking up my cross, and following Jesus in celibacy.

Real happiness does not come from getting what you know you want. It comes from God astonishing you with what is even better than you could have imagined!


~ by WriterRand on September 3, 2007.

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