Watchmen On The Walls

As someone at church mentioned today, we have no business judging the influence of gays on society that was “meant for families” until we take care of the sin in our own marriages.  Christians have the highest divorce rate, so until that changes, we have no rights to judge them.  It’s going to be a big, big surprise when they discover in their own little Russian conclave that there are probably men and women who are also dealing with homosexuality and their faith.

The problem with the Watchmen on the Walls is that they’re on the walls looking to the outside for their enemies; they don’t know that as sinners saved by grace, the enemy is also within.

LYNWOOD, Wash. – Dozens of protestors were on hand Saturday to protest a controversial Christian group holding a weekend conference at the Lynnwood Convention Center. The group, known as the “Watchmen on the Walls,” has declared war on gays and lesbians and calls itself pro-family.

While Lynnwood police looked on, protestors waved signs and shouted for support.

“They are Americans, they have the right to assemble just like we do, but their message is repellent,” said protester Aaron Baca.

The Watchmen on the Walls are self-described Christian political activists who in past meetings have blamed homosexuals for causing the fall of western civilization. Protestors Saturday had their won message:

“I would tell them – I know this sounds simplistic and crass – to mind their own business,” Baca said.

Inside the Lynnwood Convention Center about the same number of people – 100 or so – were sitting quietly listening to the message from the Watchmen on the Walls. Many of the Watchmen members are Russian speaking immigrants. With an interpreter on hand, they welcomed all to their conference – especially homosexuals.

The Watchmen on the Walls says it is not against individuals. They simply support the superiority of a union between a man and a woman.

“The problem I have and the problem the Watchmen on the Walls has is that the gay movement sort of has this goal of changing the moral fabric of society to introduce the idea of sexual freedom with no restrictions and that is destructive to a family-based culture,” said Scott Lively, president of Defend the Family International.

Saturday’s message from the Watchmen was about hatred –and how people define it.

The conference continues thru Sunday.

The city of Lynnwood and the Lynnwood Convention Center says while they do not support the group’s message they respect their right to free speech and assembly. That’s why the group is allowed at the convention center


Here’s the group that sponsors “Watchmen on the Walls”:  Goodness, there’s not so much here about strengthening the family and a lot of stuff ragging on homosexuals as (apparently) the only sinners who threaten families.  Huh.  Imagine my lack of surprise.

~ by WriterRand on October 22, 2007.

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