Discussion Thread: A Reverend Falls You Probably Never Heard Of–Is it Because the Outcome was Different?

This is the Denver Post story on the Reverend Paul Barnes.

You probably never heard of him.  You probably would be surprised to learn that last year he, too, was the pastor of a megachurch and he, too, was discovered to have ongoing sexual relations with men.

Unlike the Haggard situation, I have infinite respect not only for this man and how he handled himself, but for how the church responded.   I wonder: is this the reason that this man was spared such savage media scrutiny?  Was grace and mercy and humility and repentance not newsworthy enough?

Note at the end of the article the question the church member close to Barnes asked himself.  Then ask it of yourself.  Could someone who is suffering with this dilemma come talk to you?

I’ve thought long and hard lately about men who are caught in situations not entirely of their own making, growing up in a much, much different social and spiritual climate than we have today, and I’ve developed a new respect for them and even more gratitude for God’s grace, which saved these men by being a steady rock to hold onto in the middle of the raging storm.  Something to remember when the storms surround me.

Seriously, what do you think?  Talk to me.


~ by WriterRand on December 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Discussion Thread: A Reverend Falls You Probably Never Heard Of–Is it Because the Outcome was Different?”

  1. Hey, I came across your blog a couple weeks ago from another blog, not sure which it was. In response to your question I think the answer is that Haggard spent a great deal of time speaking out against homosexuality and involved himself in the public eye so of course his fall got more coverage. In the end he got the face time in the public eye he always wanted just not in the way he hoped.

    I’m a gay man with a Christian past. I know you and I have different answers to the issue of homosexuality and the church but I just wanted to say it was interesting reading your blog.

  2. I once held on to the belief that one could be cured of SSA or being gay. Hey I even taught it for many years. The truth is that for most probably 95% plus the attractions never stop. I say that having healing prayer, deliverance, confession etc.. as well as knowing and talking to countless others. The real issue is discovering what scripture truly has to say as in Rom 1, 1 Cor. 6 etc and coming to find out that homosexuality is never mentioned. Now that was insightful.

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