Waving my Metaphorical Fist in (Happy) Frustration

Grrrr…..I HATE it when I’m hip deep in life and then I read something that makes me hit a metaphorical brick wall, stop what I’m doing, and think. I’m busy. I’m writing. I’m trying to survive. Think? Get deep? Who’s got time?

I’m looking at you, Fleming.

I aim you towards Rik’s blog and this post on Becoming an Authentic Christian Man. It reminded me to quit living so much for healing that I fail to plan and pray for what that healing will look like and what I’ll need and need to accomplish when I get there.

Sheesh. Getting deep. Next think you know, my relationship with God’s gonna get all stronger, and stuff.

~ by WriterRand on January 22, 2008.

One Response to “Waving my Metaphorical Fist in (Happy) Frustration”

  1. I had to read this post a few times. At first it sounded like you mad at me about something. So I re-read my post and then re-read your post and then I understood that my sermon-like post was hitting you in a certain way.

    Sometimes we get so preoccupied with one issue in our life (SSA) that we forget that Jesus wants to sanctify every aspect of our being. We also forget that many of our sins are linked together. For example, not being content leads to coveting. Coveting is the forerunner to – stealing, adultery, idolatry and voting for politicians who want to increase taxes on hard working entrepreneurs and redistribute the wealth to the lazy (Sorry, I had to get a little political here…).

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