Crunchy Meta Bits (now with More Fiber!)

• MR is leaving Seattle this Thursday to move to Florida to be with his father.  Please pray for his journey, for safety and for a good drive home.  He’s going to stop in Southern California and then in Texas to meet our friend James.  It’s going to take a couple of weeks at the rate he’s planning, so please also pray for joy along the journey.

• Rik:  absolutely right.  Sometimes it’s so easy to get a narrow focus with the SSA issue that you lose sight of the bigger picture; there are times, as I keep getting reminded, that you have to look ahead to see what healing for you looks like.  I’d gotten so focused on the balls that I was juggling that I forgot about the bigger show.  I appreciated your article and probably should have worded things differently.  Anger with you?  Never.  And if it ever DID happen, I’d do it privately, not on the blog.

• As for the whole recent issue at Mars Hill, I’ve decided against highlighting it here.  It’s just family business, really, and it’s still ongoing with many members.  Just pray that our family will come back together in full and that people will be able to put down their anger.

• Next Sunday, Pastor Mark’s sermon is on overcoming sexual sins.  I’ll be posting the video here as soon as it becomes available.


~ by WriterRand on January 28, 2008.

One Response to “Crunchy Meta Bits (now with More Fiber!)”

  1. Just a note, MR dropped by my place on the way to Florida (through the pouring rain!) and we had a good time of fellowship along with my buddy Phil. MR can now testify to the fact that I truly am a wine snob and book hoarder.


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