Why This New Healing of Emotions is So Important…and the Dangers it Brings

It feels so good to have a free heart again when it comes to love.  That doesn’t mean that I’m all sunshine and sparkles around here, oh hell to the no.  I’m in pain, more than usual these days, and it makes me crabby and hard to deal with sometimes.  But I run to the Father and hide under His wings for a while, I spend some time worshipping him, and soon all is right with the world again and there is nothing in my life that truly matters so much as being in right relationship with the one who created me, who loves me in an epic, unfathomable depth, and who is kind and good and wants me to continue to change and grow, to become more like him.

When that happens and my heart lurches forward to something that greatly resembles wholeness, I see my friends in a new light.  I can stop looking at them through my own eyes of survival and I see such amazing things.  It makes me want to spend the rest of my life with them in the role of simple observer; not an obnoxious cheerleader, but to point and say, “Hey, don’t make light of that.  Did you SEE how you did that? How responding the way you did was so natural for you, yet it’s so rare to find in this world?  Did you SEE how they responded to Jesus working through you?  Don’t gloss over that.  Take a look and rejoice in God working through you, man.”

Yeah, I can see myself doing that.  Love makes it easy, motivates you to point out that which we all too often minimize or otherwise overlook.


Keep Jesus out of the equation, and it is all too easy for me to find that love moving into dangerous directions, directions that bring out lusts and desires that are damaging to my heart.  Even the process of the battle brings back memories and feelings that quickly morph into accusations from the enemy that take the wind out of my sails.  (“Man, the last time you felt this strongly about another man, you (fill in sexually deviant activity here).”)

Pastor Bent once told me that instead of fighting off sexual thoughts and trying to never think of a semi-naked man again, real healing comes from caring more about the soul of the object of your lusts than idolizing their bodies.  I think that takes bathing deep in the love of Christ for you first.  Spending time there to the point of overflow so that His love and His concern for your friends and other loved ones in your life is the overriding emotion and any opportunity for lust is put to the back of your soul, not to come to the forefront ever.

At least that’s my plan for now.  I think I’m gonna write a friend and tell him about God’s love for him.  After I’m done hearing it from the Father first.


~ by WriterRand on February 23, 2008.

One Response to “Why This New Healing of Emotions is So Important…and the Dangers it Brings”

  1. Bro, I thought that was very well said. We can often so focus on the “thou shalt nots” that we lose sight of Christ and the loving “thou shalts.” It is like when people try to figure out what they ought NOT to do on the Lord’s Day and try to come up with a list of “don’ts” instead of what they OUGHT to do on the Lord’s Day and be busy with the “DO’s” such as fellowship, showing hospitality, witnessing to others, and so forth.

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