Anyone Missing Some Rods and Screws?

Needless to say, your prayers for healing are still appreciated.  😉

~ by WriterRand on February 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Anyone Missing Some Rods and Screws?”

  1. Dude, when I said that you needed more iron and minerals in your diet – I didn’t mean it THAT way!

    I was told by a woman at church yesterday that the kidney stones she has passed were the most painful thing she ever experienced, more painful that bearing children. So, now having passed a kidney stone I sort of know what it feels like to go through such “labor.”

    But looking at this picture… I think I’d rather have stones go through my “little man” that have rods through my body.

    I have had shrapnel go through my body (of course without anaesthesia ) which felt like someone putting a hot poker through me. Still, I don’t think having rods purposely put in me would be much better.

    You are in my prayers,


  2. Oh man, you should see the kidney stone I have in the right kidney. It’s as big as a marble and every once in a while chips from the mother stone flake off and go traveling. I’m too overweight for the sound waves to destroy the big marble, so I have to put up with the kidney stones. The good news is that I’ve had so many, I’ve become very good at getting through them as painlessly as possible which isn’t that painless sometimes. I have a hand-held shower nozzle that I gear up as hot as I can stand and focus it on the kidneys. If that doesn’t work, I have some, um, medicinal wine. In fat, I have a LOT of medicinal wine. Dilates the right pipes and things just take care of themselves. 😉

    Thanks for writing. I feel like someone’s junk drawer where they keep all the spare nuts and bolts.

  3. Ouch! Looks painful. And the stones certainly sound painful. Hope things continue to improve. You’re definitely in my prayers. 🙂

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