Prayer List: A New Blog Feature

I’ve been convicted that a large, large part of my recovery — and the recovery of others — is wrapped up in prayer.

So every Sunday I’ll open up a post for your prayer requests.  We’ll keep an eye out during the week and make sure that you’re prayed for during the week.  When the next week rolls around, please continue to post your request and we’ll continue praying.  (Likewise, when the prayers are answered, please let us know so we can rejoice with you.)

So.  What’s on your heart?  (It doesn’t even have to be gay/SSA related.)

(Me?  Praise.  SERIOUS praise.  James was in town this week and it was incredible.  So much to write about from the things we discussed this week.  It’s going to be a huge writing week for me.)

~ by WriterRand on March 16, 2008.

One Response to “Prayer List: A New Blog Feature”

  1. I’m happy to hear you have so much to thank God for! Me, too. Please pray that God will give me wisdom about where to live and work. I have 3 job interviews soon.

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