PRAYER LIST: A New Sunday, A New List

What are your new prayer requests for the week?

Mine is for more healing on my leg, for Jesus to provide finances.  I’m $400 away from my financial goal of $600 to get the wheelchair repaired; I’d like to raise a few bucks to get a Costco stockup trip; I’d also like to begin a small side-business to help make ends meet around here.  The skyrocketing cost of food and staples are kicking my ass.

I’m also dealing with some old feelings returning towards someone in my life.  I’m trying to not so much defend myself against perverted feeling as I am trying to channel those feelings into positive ways to develop intimacy and vulnerability with other guys.  Who would probably kick my ass if I told them I wanted to persue intimacy and vulnerability with them.

What’s up with you?


~ by WriterRand on March 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “PRAYER LIST: A New Sunday, A New List”

  1. Bro,

    Two prayer requests: (1) I’ll be starting a new position at work next week. Pray that the Lord blesses my endeavors and give me the grace to handle the stress.
    (2) I am reading and writing feverishly on a book which is a presuppositional response to pro-Gay Theology & a more Biblical approach to counseling men with SSA which does NOT incorporate humanistic psychology (“Reparative therapy”). I need time and insight in writing this book but also the subject seems to be so consuming that I have little else on my mind (theologically). The problem is being so narrowly focused can cause burn out and lead me to forget that there is a lot more to my theology than just this one (or any other) issue. So, pray that the Lord would teach me to balance my time and efforts and not forget the basics of the Christian life.

    Love ya man!


    P.S. I am also writing a primer on the subject (80 pages or so) which will be an introduction to my larger work which will be 800-1000 pages. I’ll send you a copy when it is done.

  2. Well, I am driving to San Diego for job interviews and stopping in Texas to talk to JR along the way. Pray for God to guide me. I love Seattle, too, but can’t seem to get a job as easily there. Pray for opportunities to help others wherever. Thanks!

  3. We will be praying here, big guy. Give JR a big hug for me and remind him that he’s being prayed for.

    Good luck with the interviews. I hope you find something in your chosen field. I know Seattle was a hard city for forensic scientists. Maybe you’ll find something wonderful in San Diego.

    We love ya, MR.


  4. And yes, Rik, I’m behind this book a thousand percent. It sounds like a work that’s been sorely needed these days. Man, the gay theology stuff I read just seems so…dark. Such desperation to mold God around one’s choices rather than to conform to God’s commands. It breaks the heart sometimes to see such willful distortions and deceit. We are going to keep you in prayer and thank God for your ability to write like some people breathe.

    Much, much success.

    We love ya too, Rik!


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