Bromances and Mancrushes

Now you have to take this article with a grain of salt.  It’s from Details magazine, which is kinda known as the GQ for gay young men who reads Numbers magazine.  (A soft-core porn magazine I’m not linking to.  Solly.)  I think this article really does do a good job of explaining the terms that are being bounced around these days, and that they’ve caught on is a good thing.  Maybe even a great thing.  If it’s done in a humorous way, it gives guys a safe way to express positive heterosexual feelings of friendship and admiration for another man that would otherwise get a man falsely labeled as gay.

And you have to give it up for this:

Homosexuality, of course, used to be known as the love that dare not speak its name—until, thanks to the gayification of pop culture, it became the love that wouldn’t shut the hell up.

I’ll say.

~ by WriterRand on March 26, 2008.

One Response to “Bromances and Mancrushes”

  1. Very humorous indeed. I liked that quote. 🙂

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