An Effortless Way to Financially Help Emmaus Ministries

Okay, Emmaus Ministries has my heart.  Sad for you, because you’ll be hearing a lot about them here, as much as I can possibly post.

But now I have something for you…something cool.  You can do all the shopping you normally do online and financially help Emmaus at the same time!

Go to this link and bookmark it:

The prices here are the same as they would be if you didn’t go through these links, the difference being that anywhere from .5% to 18% of your sale will go directly to Emmaus Ministries!  Target…L.L. Bean…Staples…PetSmart…even ITunes donates 2.5% of the sales through this link to Emmaus.

So I encourage you today to link to Schoolpop and use the link before placing orders online.  Emmaus could use the fundage and anyway, just how often can you truly go shopping in Jesus’ name, hmmm?

Pass the link along to everyone you know who would be touched by what Emmaus does.


~ by WriterRand on April 1, 2008.

One Response to “An Effortless Way to Financially Help Emmaus Ministries”

  1. Thanks. I will have money to spend once I’m working again, so this was timely.

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