The Danger of Grace Without Truth

Grace without the clear and authoritative truth of Scripture is deadly. The goalposts change. We lose the revelation of God’s will for our humanity. We are left instead to construct an identity based upon our experience of reality. “I feel gay; therefore, I am gay; therefore, God blesses my gayness.” This strips the cross of its meaning. Jesus died to offer us the way back to the garden; He rose to raise us up according to the Father’s will for our humanity. If that truth is lost, then grace becomes meaningless; its life-transforming current becomes diffused, powerless. The truth of Scripture guides the current of grace. Without truth, grace loses its essential, dynamic power to transform lives.

Andy Comiskey says it more brilliantly than I could ever manage.  Read the rest of his essay here.  Just…just…perfect.  (And a sad bit on Brendan Manning.)



~ by WriterRand on April 7, 2008.

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