Prayer List: 27 April 2008

This is the weekly post to take prayer requests.  Like the penny jar at the grocery store: leave one, take one.  Leave a request, pray for a request.

For me:   the trip to the doctor was good.  There are some tough choices ahead and some things I’ll have to go through I would really rather not.  But it’s good to know that at I’m in the hands of specialists who really have a bead on things.  At the UW it was always the feeling like nobody knew anything.  Here, I have more confidence in the doctors.  I think God is already blessing this move to a new medical facility.

I am going through an intense time at church; I am being tested as to whether to leave and find a place where I can be or to stay and fight my church on a few important battles.  It is choosing whether to find restoration and fullness again, dealing with a place where God has given me “overflow” or whether I continue on half-assed and fight, not feeling at one-hundred percent.  Who knows?  No one ever promised that the battle isn’t also the place of restoration.

What are your prayer requests?  (As always, they need not be SSA-related and no, you do not have to be a regular poster here.  Drive-by and momentary de-lurks are always kosher.)

~ by WriterRand on April 27, 2008.

One Response to “Prayer List: 27 April 2008”

  1. Thanks for praying for my friend with the drug problem. Tonight he told me that he saw how far he had fallen and saw that God was there to help. A few days ago he prayed a prayer of repentance and stopped using. He needs prayer and encouragement tonight because he is suffering extreme withdrawl symptoms. He said withdrawl makes him feel 100 years old, sick, and hopeless. Pray that he will find all his strength in God and make it through.

    He told me to pray for his brother. This concern for others makes me think the repentance is genuine. His brother just had a run-in with the police after being awake several days in a row on an amphetamine binge. Apparently his bizarre behavior made a scene in front of a crowd of people. Pray that his brother will repent and believe also.

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