Call for Prayer: The Day of Truth is Today

Kids have already begun to experience the “Day of Truth” at their participating high schools. I’m certain that somewhere along the line, someone somewhere is showing love and compassion to LGBT youth, but I suspect we’ll hear more stories about how Christians are so wronged by homosexuality than we will the truth, which is that God is able and faithful in helping someone travel out of that life.

Yes, it’s cynical. I realize that.

Naturally, Exodus International is all over this. Here’s their press release. Nice to see the word “compassion” in there. Let’s hope we hear stories of some this year.

Exodus International Applauds Students Promoting Authentic Diversity on Day of Truth

April 28 2008

Orlando, FL- Today, thousands of students around the country will hold events to emphasize authentic diversity of opinion and true tolerance on the annual Day of Truth. This event, held in response to the gay lesbian and Straight Education Network’s Day of Silence, is an opportunity for students to express an alternate view on homosexuality and to encourage a free exchange of ideas.

Exodus International is the largest worldwide outreach to those dealing with unwanted homosexuality. Scott Davis, Vice President of Education for Exodus International, says he hopes this event sparks more student-led forums that provide an opportunity for compassionate dialogue on this issue.

“We hope to see more events like this that encompass both a student’s intrinsic dignity as well as their intellect,” said Davis. “We find that so many young people who come to us for help appreciate complete information on this issue and desperately need answers beyond the culture’s hopeless, groundless ‘born-gay’ response.”

Davis says that there is a growing number of youth workers in schools and churches who are seeking to help youth by using Exodus International’s Truth & Tolerance – a series of video and print resources that help Christian students to understand the facts about homosexuality and to demonstrate compassion towards their gay-identified peers.

More on this tomorrow. Your prayers on this will be appreciated, that the love of Christ and the conviction of the Holy Spirit will draw kids to Him like a magnet.


~ by WriterRand on April 28, 2008.

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